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Somatic Services

Each & every session is to ensure the mind-body connection is brought into a state of homeostasis through the range of holistic healing modalities to help you unwind, destress and calm the nervous system through personalised intentional intuitive yoga, body whispering, crystal facials & energy healing.

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In a BodyWhispering session you will experience a combination of intuitive massage, body work, movement, sound therapy, energy clearing & healing elixirs. Helping to connect you more deeply with your body, alleviate both physical and non physical tension whilst providing a deep rest and reset to your entire being.

I will help you to understand what your body is trying to tell you by facilitating deep communication and translation of the whispers and unique language of your body.​

Emerge from this deeply meditative experience feeling connected, clear, secure & re-born.

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At Align with Amy we take the ancient art of yoga & integrate it to meet modern life, a holistic approach to achieve well-being in mind, body & spirit. Our yoga sessions guide you on journey of self-discovery, assisting you to find balance, strength & inner peace. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, our diverse range of yoga offerings cater to all levels & interests.

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Crystal Facials

It is a facial that not only gives you incredible visible results but helps to balance your body, mind and spirit through harmonising the chakras with the diverse range of crystals used within the treatment. A full hot and chilled crystal massage facial treatment with aspects of lymph drainage, acupressure and facial techniques are implemented to deliver a truly tranquil experience.

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