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Welcome to my world!



I believe my soul mission is to help heal the world, I Believe that when we do the work to heal ourselves – we heal the world. With my work i provide individuals with access to healing modalities & the space for such to occur.

To achieve best outcomes I'm constantly working on healing myself and extending that outwards & into my work & into my life.


Amy has grown up in Western Sydney and spent most of her teenage & early adult years in the corporate world doing the 9-5. It wasn’t until Amy experienced chronic Illness & burnout that she decided to take her health into her own hands & this is where her passion for yoga & holistic wellness was born.

After a few years of incorporating a daily yoga & holistic self-care practice into her routine, first hand experiencing the benefits & healing somatic therapy had to offer – she knew she needed to share this with the world – that the world needed more of this Somatic Bodywork! Following her intuition Amy completed her 500hr yoga teacher training diploma & training in massage therapy then taking her massage studies further with an additional year to become a body whisperer and going on to create her business Align with Amy & is now holding space daily for her clients experience the benefits of somatic therapy through the tools of energy healing, massage & yoga turning her dream into a reality.

Amy’s role as a Somatic Therapist is to guide people to connect within through massage, energy work, yoga, breathwork & meditation creating the space to release any emotions, past experiences, traumatic events or unresolved issues that may have become trapped within body. These sessions are simply a space empowering you soften, surrender & simply receive so we can not only survive in this modern world but begin to thrive.

Through her dedication to achieve best outcomes she is constantly working on healing herself & extending that outward into her work & her life. Her belief when we do the work to heal ourselves – we heal the world.

Amy has one beautiful girl earthside & another little girl joining us in March 2024 which are her greatest motivators for her work proving that when we follow our intuition & heart – women can do whatever they feel called to do.


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


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