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RESTORE Collection Bundle

RESTORE Collection Bundle


The Collection to CALM

A calming blend of pure essential oils & 100% organic herbal tea to assist in relaxing your mind, body & nervous system - it will bring a sense of calm or simply assist in winding down your day. Our Restore collection is the perfect addition if calm, comfort & relaxation is what you are looking for, then this Restore blend is an excellent choice when feeling a little stressed & overwhelmed simply pop on some oil & sip your stress away.


MANTRA: I am in control of my thoughts, emotions & reactions.

I choose calm

I choose positivity

I choose peace


YOGA - I have designed a specifc Restorative themed yoga practice to compliment our Restore collection. If you are interested please reach out.

  • Tea Ingredients

    Lemongrass, Ginger, Turmeric, Hibiscus & Calendula Petals.

  • Oil Ingredients:

    Geranium, Lavender, Wild Orange, Bergamot & Fractionated Coconut Oil

  • Directions:

    Essential Oil Roller - Roll onto temples, chest, wrists, the souls of your feet & take an inhale through the nose & a big releasing exhale through the mouth

    Essential Oil Mist Spray - Spray around your space, mist your face, & you can also spray onto your yoga mat

     Herbal Tea - Add 1-2 teaspoons and brew in 100ºC water for 5-10 minutes. Add a dash of honey for sweetness.

  • NOTE:


    Please note the Essential oil dropper is not included in this pack as shown on the picture - Can be added for an additional cost

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