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What is Yoga??

WHAT IS YOGA? That is the million dollar question! According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali YS 1.2 - Yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively toward an object and sustain that direction without any distractions.

It doesn't mention the ability to bend over and touch your toes or the ability to do a headstand - it's talking clarity of mind.

At You & Yours Yoga our goal is to ensure all our workshops, classes and one on ones are all ability and all-inclusive environment by providing where possible people with choices and alternative options to make it their own. Why should anyone miss out on the opportunity for self awareness and growth because of misconception. With all of our teachings, whether one on one, a workshop or a class environment will be conducted in the following structure:

♡ Initial grounding - checking in with yourself & maybe even setting an intention for your practice - helps to unwind, become present & focused - preparing both mind and body for movement

♡ Breath Centered Movement - wrapping movement around the breath, starting gentle, then slowly warming up and preparing the body - getting the prana moving through your body and releases any energy blockages - preparing the mind & body to sit comfortably during breath work & meditation

♡ Relaxation - lying down once movement is completed checking in with your mind & body to feel the effects of your practice - calming and cooling mind and body for breathwork and meditation

♡ Breath work - using whichever technique you're finding beneficial at the time - invaluable for stress response, calming the nervous system & quietening the mind - preparing mind and body to drop into meditation

♡ Meditation - using whichever technique you're finding beneficial at the time - Ahh this is where the magic happens! So many benefits!

- quiets the mind

- improves sleep

- enhances self awareness

- helps pain control

- reduces stress

- reduces negative emotions

and many more!!

Looking to create a little more peace and balance within your life, contact us to find out how!



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