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Our Yoga Style is using a range of tools and techniques that are paramount towards all round good health and wellbeing for the mind, body & soul. Our tools we use are breath-centered movement, intentions/affirmations, breath work, mediation in the form of classes, workshops and one on one sessions. At You and Yours Yoga our goal is to ensure all our offerings are all ability and all-inclusive environment by providing where possible people with choices and alternative options to make it their own. There are no levels, no prior experience necessary, we meet you where you are. Our personalised Yoga Programs and private sessions provide you with the opportunity to work one on one with an experienced teacher to explore and develop a Yoga practice specifically designed to you for you, we meet you where you are then work together achieve your goals and lifestyle you wish to create for yourself. We keep all our classes and workshops small and intimate to ensure we can provide you with a comfortable, warm experience and the level of attention you deserve. 
If you have any questions or are unsure which offering would be best suited for you feel free to get in contact we look forward to connecting with you. 
Are ready to make a positive change in your life? Book a session with us below.

Our Services

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